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Welcome to Max Paving

We are a locally owned, full service commercial paving company. Whether you are looking for Commercial Paving, Driveway Paving or Concrete repair you have come to right place. We know that you have choices, but we are certain that we can earn your business and successfully complete the work that you need. 

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About Us

Our Mission:

To have the most satisfied customers in the Kansas City metro Area!

Our Goal:

Partner with each customer, and treat every job as if it was our own property.

We do not promise what we cannot do.

We vow to keep our promises and commitments on EVERY JOB WE COMMIT TO DO!

Our Promise to You:

We promise to provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your need or design preference. Thorough evaluation and education can make all the difference when you decide on a paving company! Let Max Paving Earn your business!

Our Team

We are a family owned business with a great connection to our Kansas City metro area and outlying suburbs, With nearly 20 years of experience and success in the paving business, we know how to do the job right the first time!

Commercial Paving



We are committed to improve, repair and maintain your parking lots.  Our team will provide a thorough evaluation and honest education with multiple solutions for the current condition of your parking lot(s). We are committed to communicate the details of the job beginning to end! Our Goal is to keep your parking lots in optimal working condition.

Your job is our Priority!

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Driveway Paving

Many different elements turn a house into a home. Comfy furniture, reliable appliances, and personalized paint jobs all work together to make your living space truly yours. But your home’s exterior matters just as much as its interior, and one crucial area is your driveway.

When you need a newly paved or repaired driveway, you can trust the family-owned team at MAX Paving.

We Get the Job Done Right!

Having served the Kansas City, MO area for nearly two decades, we know how to start your driveway project and how to finish it. When you need a driveway paving company, you look for trustworthy employees, high-quality craftsmanship, and reliable results. MAX Paving delivers on each of these aspects.

Driveways call for sturdy structural integrity and attractive aesthetics. No matter how long or short your driveway may be, our insured crew  will take all the necessary measures to perform the job right the first time. We pay attention to all the critical details, from correct grading to adequate asphalt application.

You can expect your finished driveway to provide a smooth ride, free of cracks and potholes. And we’ll leave you with expert tips on how to keep your driveway at its best.

You’ll Benefit From Our Local Roots.

At MAX Paving, we prioritize your needs and wishes over all else. In addition, we emphasize friendly customer service and prompt response times.

As a result, our founder enjoys a strong connection to Kansas City and its surrounding neighborhoods, so we’ll take care to respect your unique property.

We value the functionality and appearance of your driveway just as much as you do. Let us provide the custom services your driveway deserves. To learn more about what we do or to schedule an initial consultation, call our Office 816-220-7777.

Concrete Repair

Concrete is one of the most overlooked areas of your home or business. . Our Team of hard working employees, will provide you with the solution you need.

Sidewalks, No Problem, Curbs, We do that! Parking lot repairs, Done deal!

To learn more about what we do, or to schedule an initial consultation, call the office at 816-220-7777