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About Max Paving

Max Paving is a family-owned business with a growing connection to the Kansas City metropolitan area. With over 20 years of experience in the asphalt and concrete industry, our turnkey constructions and extensive maintenance work are made safe and professional for our customers and team. We value kept promises so expect a timely, qualitative service with top-class communication for a job done right the first time.

History of the Company

Max Paving started their asphalt and concrete business in 2014. Despite decades of previous industry experience among the workers, a small and humble beginning laid the ground for the large-scale professional paving company it has turned into.

Constructing small, private residential driveways eventually turned into bigger and more complex projects where the team could move towards the level of potential and expertise held from scratch. Determined to reach the original vision of the company, Max Paving is year by year getting closer to making every mission possible.

Kansas City and its metropolitan area have become home to this industry option which treats customer’s projects like their own. Providing a fair process and top-level communication, and creating processes unique to each customer has led to success.

Above all, however, pride stems from the opportunity to take care of our team members and their families as well as a number of non-profit organizations supporting local and international communities. A concept of honesty and integrity runs through the entire business with positive change in the world at its core.

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